What Do I Do?

I try to be a creative photographer who makes your memories unforgettable and narrates your feelings through nice pictures as time goes by. A headshot and portrait photographer who is also available for events, corporate, wedding and even real estate photography.

Simply I would say I'm a photographer, currently based in Miami who is able to photograph human, creatures, places and still life and always willing to learn more and more!

Even though I photograph in different genres, to be honest, my favorite is people photography. I prefer to shoot human rather than anything else!

However, within 8 years of learning and practicing photography I've done different types of photography projects including architecture, cityscapes, landscapes, astrophotography, products and commercial as well as portraits, events, weddings, children, pets, fashion, modeling and documentary.

Since photography has not only been my job but also my passion I never felt tired to do and learn about photography everyday and everywhere. As long as I observe and try to discover something new and different, I enjoy my job!

I believe photography is not just recording, shooting or just something technical about lights and colors, editing and developing in Photoshop. First and foremost photography is the art of observation. If you can't observe well you won't be able to find anything particular to shoot.

That's why I believe expensive cameras and gear don't make anybody a good photographer. It doesn't matter you are a DSLR shooter or Smartphone shooter, as long as you observe and pay attention to the details you are a good photographer.

So if you want to hire a photographer, first of all, make sure he/she is a good observer and pays attention to details!

Please feel free to see a part of my works here on my website and if you find me a good observer and need my help just let me know.


How Do I Do?

Based in Miami, South Florida means I am ideally located to cover from South of Miami up to North of West Palm Beach. However, I can be commissioned to be your photographer all over the US and even abroad if required, I love to travel!

For those who want to have me as their event or wedding photographer, I would say that my event wedding photography style is documentary as I observe and remain in the background. I anticipate and capture moments as they happen naturally.

I'm not going to ask you to say "cheese", make you pose or even have you be someone else; I simply record the true "you". I record the true "stories", the true moments of pure "passion" and the true "love" of yours on your very special day.

In fact, the main goal is to create a story of your day through images so that when you look back you are reminded not only of the visual details but also how you felt.

As a photojournalist, I've tried to change the way events are photographed. That means instead of shooting your figure and your pose I prefer to record your memorable moments, capture your genuine feelings, and document your life as it goes on.

I apply my original take on documentary event photography to your events, ceremonies and special occasions. I'd love to be your photographer friend capturing your real laughter, your real emotions and your real love.

I tried to show and classified several sorts of photographs here to let you see my style and mood of photography. For more details about my services please see Packages And Rates or contact me.

Fashion And Modeling

Wedding And Love

Portraits and headshots

Events And Concerts

Fashion and modeling is not something that exists in dresses only. It has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening. As a talented photographer you’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper. I don’t put a limit on the number of shots I take and shoot until I feel we’ve gotten it covered. Don't forget, nice cameras don't take pictures, talented photographers do!


You don't need to be a celebrity to make your moments unforgettable! No matter whoever you are, if you value your moments and memories you are eligible to keep them alive! I'll be with you to record your priceless, unrepeatable and memorable moments of laughter and cry, hurries and worries, peace and bliss. I narrate your feelings as time goes by! I preserve your unique moments beautifully and artistically, as your life story unfolds.

The challenge in Portrait Photography is that a lot of people have a mental switch to turn off their personality in front of a camera. A creative photographer is supposed to admire the subjects to turn on their personality. Headshots are a little bit similar to portraits but in so many ways are different. Headshots make your first impression, and tell a lot about your personality. That’s why everyone cares so much about headshots.

Nice photographs helps some nights lasts for ever! What matters is making pictures that make people feel and react to them. Shooting concerts is not just a lighting an technical challenge. Each concert has its meaning and its mood and a good photographer is supposed to to discover and display it!   

Lifestyle And Documentary

Pets And Animals

Art And Entertainment

Photojournalism And Spot News

Lifestyle photography captures real life moments, authentic expressions that can not be duplicated, and candid shots without the subjects (couples and couple’s guests) knowing the photo is being taken. There is no posing or fake smiles. It is the recording of precious details that pass by us everyday, but are usually the small moments we tend to forget.



Pets are best photographed in an environment that they are comfortable in! For some dogs and many cats, that is their home. Surrounded by the people and things that they know best, they are relaxed and we are able to capture the expressions and behaviors that make them special. Our canine friends often find a romp in the park or a walk down the street an inspiration to show their true side, and it is my privilege to record those for you.

Photography is a vital means of human expression. It is a creative art form as well as an omnipresent cultural force that both mirrors and shapes everyday life. This makes it a uniquely potent, complex, and thought-provoking medium.

Photojournalism entries shall consist of images or sequences of images with informative content and emotional impact, including human interest, documentary and spot news. The journalistic value of the image shall receive priority over pictorial quality. In the interest of credibility, images that misrepresent the truth and model or staged set-ups are not permitted.

Children And Family

Architecture And Cityscape

Nature And Landscape

Still Life And Products

Kids love to look at pictures and videos of themselves and their family. Having pictures of them will give you a chance to share what was happening in each picture. Tell them what they were like when they were younger and what things you enjoyed doing at their age.


Photography is escapism. We want to see what we can’t with our own eyes; towering skyscrapers, endless skylines, the people of faraway cultures. We long for the distant, so it makes sense that cityscape photos are so popular and marketable.

Nature photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archaeology, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify its honest presentation.

A great commercial photograph is something memorable, with mass appeal and a clear message.

Let's get to know each other better!

My main goal is to deliver originality and create a story of your day through images so that when you look back you are reminded not only of the visual details but also how you felt.

I view photography as a natural extension of my passion for arts. With a photographer's eye, I am constantly searching for the perfect moment to tell the whole story with a beautiful composition, while applying all my knowledge of 7 years as a professional photographer. After so many years I still get butterflies in my tummy before every photo shoot, and I still run excitedly to my computer after each shoot to download the images!

I've been trained and experienced to provide different types of photography services like Modeling And FashionPortrait And HeadshotsCommercial And Still LifeWedding And LoveEvents And Concerts and Children And Family but as every individual, I have my favorite which is Portrait and Lifestyle Photography.

My goal in photography is not just to produce beautiful works of art, but more so to capture those moments that represent the beauty that is life and the emotions we all endure as we travel along its path. I aim to make clients feel comfortable while I work and that pictures I produce have a candid and authentic quality to them. I believe extraordinary pictures result from knowing my client's desires. As a perfectionist no detail is ever overlooked.

I'm passionate about whatever I do and bring out the characteristics you have in your life through your image in your Actor PortraitsBusiness HeadshotsGlamour And Boudoir or your candid photographs in your events and celebrations.

In order to keep things simple for my clients, I prefer not to offer too many different packages for each photography field. However, everyone’s needs are different. Some clients decide to upgrade the packages adding more digital files and more shooting time, spend a little more and some spend a little less. Everything is up to you! So if you don't find what you need you'd like to order a custom package just contact me and let me know how may I help you. 

By the way, if you are too much busy and don't have time to come to Studio for Corporate Headshots or Actor Portraits or even Family Pictures, don't worry. You don't need to come to the studio because I'll bring my mobile professional studio to your place. 

I prove my Portable Studio Service in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. I work hard to provide you with the best experience, comfortable setting and great support long after your fun filled Business Headshot Photoshoot

I serve South Florida including Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with Corporate Headshots Photo Studio in Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale as well as a mobile Corporate Headshots Studio that will come to your location and fit in with your busy schedule. You expect the best out of the people you give your business to and at Corporate Headshot Miami I'm here to provide it for you.

If you have any question regarding my photography services don't hesitate to contact me.


Feel free to take a look at my works. The more you see, the more you get to know me!

Mind, Body And Spirit

Full Moon Drum Circle In Miami

Mohsen Namjoo Live in Concert

Halloween Night On Lincoln Road

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