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I know your time is better spent making money. Why waste valuable time driving to a studio for headshots? I

Mobile Studio is almost all about Portraits and Headshots. 

As a photographer, I understand the value of your image. Presenting yourself well and making a great first impression is key today and with social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook being popular ways people network and connect, having a great photo of yourself is critical.

On the other hand, I know your time is better spent making money. Why waste valuable time driving to a studio for headshots? I’ll bring my mobile studio into your office or create more dynamic portraits on location as well and make “picture day” a fun, easy and collaborative process!!

Danielment Pictures provides professional Corporate and Business Headshot Photography service at affordable prices for you and your employee. Contact me to get more information on volume discounts available for your staff.

My Mobile Studio Service is not limited to corporate headshots. I provide a great session for anyone who needs a wide range of options. I’ll shoot lots of different styles from formal to casual including Business Headshot, Corporate Headshot for LinkedIn, Actor And Model Headshot, Online Dating Portrait, Family Portraits, etc.

With Danielment Pictures you’ll get great quality images that you can be proud to show off on your personal or company website.

I have various packages for various needs. For instance, a business person may need 2 or 3 different ‘looks’ for their LinkedIn page/Company website, an actor may need 6 different ‘looks’ to fill out their portfolio on LA Casting and an author may just need one perfect shot for their next book jacket & blog. When I say ‘looks’- I mean completely different outfits, backgrounds and styling, so every ‘look’ is unique. Also, you are more than welcome to bring a make-up artist, however, I am happy to recommend a few talented make-up artists who charge between $185 to $200, depending on the package.

You may use these headshots for: Company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, print/outdoor advertising, business cards, press releases, conferences, speaking engagements, corporate communications, etc.

For more information please refer to General Tips For Headshots And Portraits or the Frequently Asked Questions page or alternatively send us you an inquiry through our Contact Form


Actors / Social Media

For the actor or performer, a headshot is a marketing tool designed to get you noticed and get you work.

If you are an actor, then you probably know that actor headshots are the way that you can get your foot in the door for potential auditions. You should always have up-to-date acting headshots that can be shared with directors or hiring managers, and those headshots for the audition will help you to gain more opportunities to land the audition and potentially be hired. If you look at the professionals, you will see that every one of them has their own celebrity headshot that is utilized in their portfolio, and you should have the same thing if you want to succeed in the industry.

It's time now to replace that old "selfie" on your profiles and make your web presence more professional. Having a great online profile picture (aka "avatar") can really help you stand out from the crowd. A great avatar makes you recognizable online and helps people remember you instantly. For your company website, blog and social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, a great avatar is an essential part of building your "personal brand".

Please see our page of headshot tips for actors and talent.

Business / Corporate / LinkedIn

At Danielment Pictures, we know a corporate headshot doesn’t just represent one face, but the face of an entire company. So you can be sure, that whether the headshot is hanging proudly in a boardroom, printed in a newsletter or posted on the company website, that the quality of your photo will be unsurpassed.

The best corporate headshots reflect professionalism, confidence and poise. This requires not only experience but the keen photographic eye of an experienced professional. We take our headshots in a natural environment with professional lighting. This type of corporate photography sets a realistic atmosphere of what people will expect when they visit your company. The best part of the shooting location is the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere, we come to you!


We believe that quality headshots are an essential part of how you represent yourself as a professional, an actor, a lover or whoever you intend to be. Whether it's for your company, your website, a book sleeve, an album cover, a playbill, LinkedIn, dating website, Facebook, etc. everyone needs awesome headshots of themselves.

Why are Corporate Headshots important? Because before even contacting you, potential clients look at your profile. It’s important to be both professional and approachable.

Many business owners mistakenly believe that headshots aren’t an essential element for their business. But, the truth is that a corporate headshot can help to advance your career and improve relationships with customers and clients. Your headshot for business is a great way to create the right first impression, and those corporate headshots literally help you to shape the image that you want to build for yourself. For example, many potential clients consider whether a legal firm’s website has a headshot for lawyers, because they want to see what the lawyer looks like before they make their decision. Websites that include headshots for lawyers will be more likely to receive calls from website visitors, because the headshots make the lawyer more personable to the potential clients. This holds true in all industries, which is why you should have a corporate headshot regardless of your profession.

In the contemporary business world competition is fierce and making the right impression is everything.

Headshots typically are best when you need a consistent, simple, clean and quick way to identify yourself. LinkedIn profiles and such are the perfect examples, while a portrait gives a bit more personality and can be used in proposals when you want to express more of who you are.

One Business Portrait service is perfect for professionals who want to present their image with a bit of an edge and make their photo stand out from the mass of ordinary portraits. A dash of glamor, a pinch of fashion and your outgoing personality together with our skill and guidance create an image that is unique, tasteful, sexy and attention grabbing, which will make you positively stand out from the crowd and make that right impression from the first glance.

I'm master at creating unforgettable, personality driven images that will wow your clients and fans. If you are looking to have your personality ooze from a head shot that can be used on your website, business card, dating sites or social media sites, look no further!

If you're using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or whatever it's time now to replace that old "selfie" on your profiles and make your web presence more professional. Having a great online profile picture (aka "avatar") can really help you stand out from the crowd. A great avatar makes you recognizable online and helps people remember you instantly. For your company website, blog and social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, a great avatar is an essential part of building your "personal brand".

This package is for individuals or an entire office. If you are corporate executives, speaker, business-person, or job-seeker you definitely need a great headshot.

For more information don't forget to see our page of tips for business portraits.

Online Dating

Online Dating Headshots is very important because putting your best foot forward for online dating is never easy, so let me help by creating a group of photos that show you at your best.

As anyone who has tried online dating knows, photos are key. Visual impressions are everything!

I will work with you to add flattering, natural, eye-catching images to your profile, and create a gallery of images that will effectively represent you to the Toronto online dating community.

The photograph you use on your online dating profile is as important as the words you use. It needs to show the authentic you: attractive, open and engaging. It will make the difference between the right people leaving your page or staying to find out more about you.

When shooting photos for internet dating or marriage sites, my goal is always to show your personality in a range of outfits, in a variety of locations, so it looks like the images were taken on different days. I always try to do a few that look professional, and a few that look like your friends might have taken them. Simply, I want to help you stand out from the profiles where someone has posted two web cam shots or an old headshot. That said, some people just want quick and dirty 1-2 images, without a lot of fuss. Whatever your needs may be, we are happy to accommodate you.

I usually do these shoots outdoor in the environments. I can shoot in a restaurant so it looks like your friend took the photo, visit alleys or a garden-style park, and use a variety of urban backgrounds to create a fun and interesting array of images. Once I know a little bit more about you and how you'd like to be presented, I'll have a better idea of what locations would best suit our shoot.

With a lighthearted, positive attitude, I will make the most of our time together, coaxing genuine smiles from even the most camera-shy!


Personal Portrait

Personal Portrait describes your character traits, your potential strengths, and weaknesses as well as your abilities from an astrological point of view. This horoscope interpretation is compiled for you individually and is based on the exact date, time and place of your birth. The report also serves as a very good tool for learning to interpret the individual factors in the natal chart.

Portrait photography is so phenomenally famous as it is one of the most powerful mediums for storytelling. A good portrait is not just any other shot. It is the recording of ever-changing lifestyle. it is about living memories forever. Most importantly, it is about preserving your history.

Portraits let more of your personality shine through. A portrait is best to show that off and can include a more personal feel expressed through the environment you are in or the styling of the shot. With a portrait, you can tell a story through the image vs. just showing who you are in a headshot.

I shoot an array of portraits from candid or posed, to conceptual and natural. At the end of the day it’s about bringing out the right personality in our subjects, in an unforced manner. No need to feel uncomfortable. My goal is to make it an enjoyable experience where our subjects forget about the camera entirely. Easier said than done, but I'm confident my approach will help.

If you’re looking for a portrait photographer who can shoot your next unique portrait you’ve come to the right place.

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